How to Operate a Vegan Friendly Environment

Are you cooking Vegan and Meat products in the same kitchen? Here are our top Do’s and Don’ts to keep your kitchen Vegan friendly.

Vegans are not only concerned with the quality of the food delivered to the table but also how the food was prepared, was the food prepared in a Vegan-friendly environment? For example, cooking a Vegan burger on the same grill as a Beef burger would probably cause some alarm with your Vegan diners.

We’ve put together some of our top points on how to ensure your operating in a mixed Vegan/Meat preparation kitchen.

  1. Use separate tools for each need. A meat cutting board, versus a vegan, a meat frying pan versus a vegetarian-friendly one, etc.
  2. If your grill or open kitchen cannot be vegan friendly, considering cooking on a separate pan on top of the grill, labelled. This one extra step takes no time at all and will keep customers happy.
  3. Separate sanitation buckets for non-vegan and vegan clean up. If you are cleaning off a counter with a rag recently cleaning up blood from steak, there is a chance of leaving a trace. Keeping it separate erases all stress.
  4. Never rush. If you rush the preparation of a meal and have any doubts about cross-contamination, start over. The guest would most definitely rather wait than feel like their lifestyle is disrespected.
  5. Do not be afraid, to be honest.



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How to Operate a Vegan Friendly Environment