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With a growing range of quality frozen convenient products that don’t compromise on taste, Butlers will be a go-to in your kitchen.
You will be proud to serve these full flavoured, juicy and tender New Zealand made patties.
Make sure to stock up so you never run out.
✔ NZ MADE                             
✔ Low Shrinkage
✔ Made with fresh onion
✔ Different patty sizes to fit your favourite bun 
✔ Homestyle  
✔ Mouth-watering! 


Butlers Chefs Choice Burgers
Halal Beef Burger
Chefs Choice Halal Burgers
85g, 100g, 120g and 180g
Made in New Zealand with quality beef and expertly seasoned with herbs and spices. These chef quality gourmet patties are designed for all establishments

100% Halal Beef Burger

A delicious tasting burger made from 100% prime ground beef to ensure great flavour. Its special form facilitates faster and more efficient cooking. Portion controlled 100g patty

Par cooked caterburger
Butlers Quarter Pounder Beef Burger

Par Cooked Caterburger
91g Beef burger blended with delicate herbs and spices.
Fast Cooking Time – Ready In Under 5 Minutes

Quarter Pounder Beef Burger
113g patty made from 100% premium Australian prime ground beef, seasoned with herbs and spices.


Mini burgers

Mini burgers are a must-have item on a kids menu! Create a tasty, economical and kid friendly burger by cutting Butlers Caterburger into half or using Chefs Choice 85g patty and layer with lettuce and cheese on a mini bun.

Surf n turf burger

Why choose between seafood or meat when you can have both?
To create a Surf N’ Turf Burger layer Shore Mariner Prawn CutletsChefs Choice Burger Patty, lettuce and sauce on a bun.

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