Business Benefits of LOVE Smoothies

Love Smoothies are made for Summer – refreshing and nutritious beverages for any time of the day to keep you hydrated, or a perfect addition to cocktail hour, fruity mixes for delicious cocktails.

With 7 unique, award-winning blends available, Love Smoothies have a smoothie blend for any occasion or any age. And, if you can’t decide on one of the unique flavours, why not try our Mixed Fruit Box as a great introduction to the product.


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The benefits of using smoothie packs for your business are numerous:

🍹 0 waste on unused fruit and vegetables.

🍹 Conveniently stored in compact bags to maximise space in the freezer.

🍹 Easy to use, each smoothie comes in a prepacked frozen sachet of whole fruit and vegetable pieces. Simply pour 200ml of apple juice into a blender, add the sachet, and blend for 30 seconds for an award-winning smoothie.

Give your customers all the goodness of 100% natural fruit and vegetables and your staff all the ease of pour, add sachet, blend’. Goodness made easy.




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Business Benefits of LOVE Smoothies