Sambazon’s Mission – The Positive Impact of Açaí

Sambazon and its staff are doing some great things to give back to the environment and support the local communities they work in, some of these initiatives to name a few include:

  • Whole Planet Foundation: funds microloans for people living in poverty where Whole Foods sources products. Sambazon has been a proud donor of this organisation since 2011.
  • The Climate Collaborative: was setup for bold climate action among natural products companies. 💪 It brings together manufacturers, retailers, brokers, distributors and suppliers to build existing climate solutions and find new, innovative ways to help reverse climate change.
  • Sambazon Green Team: created in 2017 Sambazon volunteers meet regularly to promote the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility of Sambazon and come up with new ideas for doing even more.
  • Sambazon packaging: Sambazon has a dedicated team and invested resources to test new materials and technologies that can be composted with the goal of working towards 100% plant-based or recyclable packaging.

We are proud to represent their products in the Australian market.

Did we also mention that Sambazon has a mini docu-series with National Geographic Explorer Asher Jay? There are seven short episodes highlighting the Brazilian culture, and the importance of the Acai berry, and how their business platform is centred around people, planet and prosperity.


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Sambazon’s Mission – The Positive Impact of Açaí