Cooked Prawn Meat

Prawn – Cooked Vannamei Cutlets

These all-rounder Prawns are ready to be eaten.
Available in four different sizes, these prawns can be utilised in a number of dishes.


CPCV1620VP/VS/VV 16/20 10 x 1kg (10kg)
CPCV2125VP/VS/VV 21/25 10 x 1kg (10kg)
CPCV2630VP/VS/VV 26/30 10 x 1kg (10kg)
CPCV3140VP/VS/VV 26/30 10 x 1kg (10kg)

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to Eat – Just Thaw and Serve
  • Individually Quick Frozen
  • Low Fat
  • Available in Four Different Sizes
  • Retail Ready 1kg Inner

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Prawn – Cooked Vannamei Cutlets