LOVE Smoothies – 9 Great Flavours

Love Smoothies contain only the best ingredients, delicious 100% natural fruit and vegetable frozen smoothie packs. A perfect way to start the day or, a great mid-afternoon pick me up.

Each smoothie in the wide range comes in a pre-batched sachet and, is made with fully traceable fruits and vegetables, frozen within three hours of harvest. All come with fun nutritional information, which can be passed on to curious customers. Love Smoothies are vegan-friendly with no preservatives and GMO-free.

We stock 10 great flavours: (image of all 9 flavours)

  • Avo Go-Go
  • Berry Go Round
  • Big 5
  • Broccoli and the Beast
  • Coco Loco
  • Kale Kick
  • Pash N Shoot
  • Strawberry Split
  • Detox-Zing
  • Firestarter



Each smoothie comes in a pre-packed frozen sachet of whole fruit and vegetable pieces. Simply pour 200ml of apple juice into a blender, add the sachet, and blend for 30 seconds for an award-winning smoothie. Give your customers all the goodness of 100% natural fruit and vegetables and your staff all the ease of‘ pour, add sachet, blend’. Goodness made easy.

Love Smoothies make a perfect breakfast, mid-morning/afternoon pick-me-up or, fun cocktails for happy hour.

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LOVE Smoothies – 9 Great Flavours