Crumbed Fish Goujons made with wild caught Alaskan Pollock coated in yummy crunchy crumb. Fantastic for fish tacos, seafood baskets or as a starter.

Dusted Fish Bites are excellent for quick and easy ideas to add to your seafood basket, side dish or as a starter. Made with MSC Certified Alaskan Pollock and lightly seasoned with salt and spices.

Combination of fish and potato, lightly coated with seasoning and formed into a crispy round patty with a crunchy crumb. Perfect with salads or buns.

Tender formed squid rings coated in crunchy golden crumb pair it up with your favourite sauce as a side dish, entreè or add to your seafood basket.

Formed scallops coated in a crunchy panko crumb. Fantastic as a side dish, starter or addition to your seafood basket.

Delicious surimi seafood sticks coated with light tempura batter. A great addition to your seafood basket or as an appetiser.

Tender squid rings coated in delicious crunchy tempura batter. They are the perfect addition to your menu as a side, appetiser or part of your seafood basket.

Juicy boneless lamb meat blended with herbs and spices and crumbed with rosemary and garlic.

Made with Premium Nobashi Prawns and coated with authentic Japanese style panko crumb. Great for sushi, side dish.

Bite-sized pieces of whole prawn meat coated with crispy and tasty batter. Small enough to be eaten like a popcorn

Premium whole peeled prawns infused with herbs and spices. Succulent whole peeled prawns infused with coriander, green onion and garlic, hand-rolled in a crispy spring roll pastry.
Made using high-quality ingredients, contain no added MSG.

Premium Nobashi prawns hand coated in an authentic tempura batter.