Premium Mozzarella cheese coated with our exclusive beer batter recipe and par fried for convenience.
The ultimate crowd pleaser, these are ideal as a snack or appetiser for events and even just as an additional side to your menu.

Premium onion rings are sliced and coated in a delicious crunchy beer batter. They are ideal for snacking and sharing or as a side with your favourite main. A great addition to your burgers for a twist!

Chilli Cheese Nuggets filled with creamy cheese and jalapeño pieces for a bit of a kick! Great as an appetiser or finger-food for your next event!

Zesty green jalapeños diced loaded with cream cheese and coated with a delicious crunchy breadcrumb coating.
Ideal on its own as a snack or appetiser or served with a dipping sauce.

Magic Waffles presents family dough recipe filled with apple. Fruity and savoury, perfect taste balance with any sweet condiments or toppings.

Magic Waffles presents custard filled waffles. A great addition to your breakfast or dessert menu.

Tender squid rings coated in delicious crunchy tempura batter. They are the perfect addition to your menu as a side, appetiser or part of your seafood basket.

Delicious creamy Goats Cheese with a tangy flavour, these little morsels are explosions of flavour. Covered with a delicious crunchy breadcrumb they are sure to become a crowd favourite either on their own or with a dipping sauce.

Potato wedges that are lightly seasoned, and coated with a light batter for excellent heat retention and crunch. Great to dip with sauces or by itself.

 Delicious beef rissoles combined with delicate herbs and spices to create a full of flavour meal. Serve with veggies and mash for that classic meal. 

A classic lasagne topped with creamy cheese and Bolognese sauce and coated in a light crispy crumb.

Salmon and vegetable fish cakes in a golden crispy crumb.