Why Should You Stay On Top Of Food Trends?

So you can capitalise on them and make sure you offer an enticing and revenue-generating menu!
To help you out, we have put together the top four trends in Australia today.



The Green Butcher Plant Based

As plant based eating increases, it is most likely that there will be at least one vegan in a group of diners. The Green Butcher range makes it easier than ever to cater to vegans diners, made from plant-based ingredients and packed full of flavour.



Acai bowls

Seeing a business make an effort to do their bit for the planet is something consumers value, this can be done through sourcing sustainable ingredients, biodegradable packaging and composting. All Sambazon products are ethically sourced and hand-harvested by local farmers, making them Certified Organic and Fair Trade




Seafood remains popular as it is packed with nutrients, high in protein and low in fat. This also ties into the food fusion trend, there are countless different recipes and cuisines featuring seafood. Our Seafood Range has a variety of quality seafood suitable for any recipe.



Food fusion

Consumers have been more interested in having variety in their meals, using new ingredients and trying different global cuisines. Markwell Foods makes it easy to offer a selection of seafood and finger foods from around the globe.


4 Simple Winter Warmer Menu Additions:

Seafood Paella

This Spanish rice dish is ideal as a Winter Warmer. If you’re not a seafood fan then personalise the recipe and use chicken and chorizo instead.

We highly recommend using our prawn meat, whole cooked mussels and Pipi clams


Cheesy Burger

Our Chef’s Choice 120g Burger is perfect for this! This premium grass-fed beef combined with delicate herbs and spices creates a chef’s quality burger.

Some unique toppings you could use


Seafood Pasta

Nothing beats pasta in Winter!

Why not try a creamy garlic pasta, seafood spaghetti marinara or our favourite – this tuna, zucchini and pea spaghetti

You can use our excellent quality sashimi tuna
And our premium quality garden peas.

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

You can please everyone with our variety!

Try our mouth watering Italian flavoured meatballs made from 100% Australian beef. And for your vegetarian customers, we have no meat balls – Vegan friendly and made in Australia.



What do you serve with our premium, grass-fed beef burgers? So many people have such different preferences so how do you please everyone?

We have listed a few of our favourite toppings (some traditional and some unique) that are sure to satisfy most of your hungry customers.


🍔 Sweet Potato & Avo Burger
Simply add cooked sweet potato fries, sliced pepper jack cheese & either mashed or thinly sliced avo.


🍔 Breakfast Burger
Fry your bacon and egg as you like it and serve on top of our Chef’s Choice beef burger patty with BBQ sauce.


🍔 Hummus & Jalapeno Burger
Make your own hummus or choose the easy way out, spread evenly over the patty & sprinkle sliced jalapenos


🍔 Coleslaw Burger
What Aussie doesn’t love coleslaw? Need we say more?


🍔 Mexican Burger
For those who like a bit of spice, add taco seasoning, mayonnaise and tortilla chips – perfectly crunchy.


Our Chef’s Choice Burger Patty range comes in a variety of sizes from 40g for sliders to 180g for the man size burger


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