Butlers® specialise in developing delicious and convenient meat-based meal items for mains, snacking and finger food occasions. The range includes iconic Australian favourites and innovative new products that deliver consistent quality and great taste every time.

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Butler’s tender succulent boneless Pork Riblet covered in a mouth-watering BBQ sauce. Great on its own or in a bun with some salad.


Butlers BBQ Pork Riblet 100g


Or, for the chicken lovers, try the Chicken Riblet. Tender chicken meat formed into a rib shape and covered in a hot and spicy flavoured breadcrumb.


Butlers Chicken Riblet


Butlers mouth-watering meatballs are made from 100% Australian beef. Simply heat and serve. With the versatility of these fully cooked meatballs, they can be served as part of a meat platter, a tapas-style offering, tossed in a pasta, or a walk and fork catering solution.

Butlers Aussie BBQ Meatballs Butlers Italian Meatballs

BUTLERS Chef’s Choice premium grass-fed beef combined with delicate herbs and spices to create a chef’s quality burger.

Free from additives, the 100% beef burger is individually snap-frozen for your convenience and is the ideal patty to make the perfect burger!

Butlers Par Cooked Caterburger


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