Why Should You Stay On Top Of Food Trends?

So you can capitalise on them and make sure you offer an enticing and revenue-generating menu!
To help you out, we have put together the top four trends in Australia today.



The Green Butcher Plant Based

As plant based eating increases, it is most likely that there will be at least one vegan in a group of diners. The Green Butcher range makes it easier than ever to cater to vegans diners, made from plant-based ingredients and packed full of flavour.



Acai bowls

Seeing a business make an effort to do their bit for the planet is something consumers value, this can be done through sourcing sustainable ingredients, biodegradable packaging and composting. All Sambazon products are ethically sourced and hand-harvested by local farmers, making them Certified Organic and Fair Trade




Seafood remains popular as it is packed with nutrients, high in protein and low in fat. This also ties into the food fusion trend, there are countless different recipes and cuisines featuring seafood. Our Seafood Range has a variety of quality seafood suitable for any recipe.



Food fusion

Consumers have been more interested in having variety in their meals, using new ingredients and trying different global cuisines. Markwell Foods makes it easy to offer a selection of seafood and finger foods from around the globe.


ARDO fresh-frozen vegetables

Fresh-frozen? Of course!

Chef tossing vegetables
ARDO frozen vegetables

Complete Convenience
Our fresh-frozen vegetables are pre-washed and pre-cut! Saving you time and energy in the kitchen.

Richer in Vitamins
Our fresh-frozen vegetables retain their maximum nutritional value, while their texture and colour remain intact. Ensuring you serve top quality on your plate all year round!

Frozen peas
Frozen carrot portions

Top Quality All Year Round
By freezing our vegetables straight after they’re harvested, we ensure that seasonal products are available all year round whilst maintaining excellent quality!

Zero Food Waste
Our fresh-frozen vegetables are easy to divide into portions and have a long shelf life.

The Green Butcher’s No Chicken Tenders are loved by vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike.
Made from delicious and nutritious plant-based ingredients, bursting with flavours and textures you would expect from
meat-based protein.

Discover our new plant based addition…



Our plant-powered chicken alternative


These are the perfect vegan friendly item to introduce to your menu, They’re not only delicious but also add variety. Great for mains, appetisers or just on their own as a snack paired with a vegan sauce.

Green Butcher No Chicken Tenders
Approx 16 pieces / bag

5 x 1kg



* Vegan friendly

* Plant-based

* Good source of protein

* Quick to cook







  • Cook No Chicken Tenders according to pack instructions.
  • Warm up wrap.
  • Layer wrap with No Chicken Tenders, lettuce, tomato, onion and vegan cheese.







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Two: Choose your toppings

There are so many different flavours and toppings that go with Acai.  Try the three below or come up with your own creation.

Banana Berry Açaí bowl 

Scoop as much Sambazon Açaí Sorbet into your bowl as you want; add muesli, frozen berries, sliced banana, and sprinkle with coconut chips.



Chocolate & Peanut Butter Açaí Bowl

Blend an Original Açaí Pulp Sachet with 1 cup of non-dairy milk, 1/2 cup of frozen berries, and a spoonful of cocoa powder.  Drizzle with peanut butter and top with mueslidark chocolate chunks, and fruit.

Summer Fruits Açaí Bowl

Blend an Unsweetened Açaí Pulp Sachet with 1/2 cup of coconut and 1 cup of frozen mango. Top with fresh summer fruitmueslipistachios, and coconut flakes.




15 years ago, when someone said “Açaí,” you might have said, “No idea what you’re talking about!” Sambazon started importing Açaí into the West in 2000 after its founders discovered the incredible Amazonian fruit on a surf trip to Brazil.

But how much do you actually know about Açaí beyond the fact that it tastes delicious? Because this little purple wonder holds a world of surprises and we think you should know about them. Here are our top 5 Açaí facts.


🍇 Açaí grows on palm trees

We kid you not: Açaí is actually a palm fruit. It grows on the Açaí Palm (Euterpe Oleracea) which is native to Brazil and northern South American countries. The Açaí Palm grows in the floodplains of the Amazon rainforest and as one of the most abundant trees in the region, it is tall and slender, growing nearly 90 feet (25+ meters) tall with pinnate leaves up to 10 feet (three meters) long. The trees themselves have multiple trunks and are used mostly for fruit, hearts of palm, and building materials.

🍇 Açaí can go rancid if not frozen

People often ask us why they can’t just buy Açaí berries in the store and why it has to be frozen. There’s actually a very good reason for that…because of the levels of healthy omega fats found in the Açaí fruit, if it’s not frozen after being freshly picked, will start to turn rancid. We pick and freeze our Açaí within 72 hours of harvest All Sambazon Açaí is flash-pasteurized. Flash-pasteurization guarantees that Sambazon Açai is safe for all while preserving taste and nutrition value. What’s more, we carry out continuous and exhaustive laboratory testing to make sure Sambazon’s processing techniques achieve negligible nutrient and flavour losses while guaranteeing full food safety. The flash pasteurised Açaí is then frozen and transported around the world!

🍇 Açaí is packed full of healthy omegas

Unlike any other “berries” you might be familiar with, Açaí naturally contains omegas 3,6, and 9. The overall fatty acid profile of Açaí is very similar to that of olive oil and Açaí is said to support heart health, brain function, and healthy skin and hair, all while providing sustaining energy. Can your blueberries say that?!

🍇  Açaí is one of the only fruits that doesn’t contain sugar

Yes, you read that right! As much as we love our strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries over here, we keep an eye on how many we consume due to the sugar content (one cup of blueberries = 15 grams of sugar). Açaí on the other hand, is sugar-free in its natural state. Of course you can sweeten it with sugar, agave, or honey, but if you start with a pack of unsweetened Açaí in your smoothie or bowl, the rest is up to you (and your sweet tooth!).

🍇  Açaí is high in antioxidants

That wonderfully deep purple colour that gives away the fact you just chowed down on an Açaí bowl? That’s thanks to its anthocyanins content. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid — a class of compounds with antioxidant properties (you might recognise them from red wine). As well as being free-radical busters (the job of antioxidants), anthocyanins may also offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Time & Cost Saving

– Individually & quick frozen (IQF) products provide easy portion control as you only use / defrost what you need.

– Reduce $$ loss from food going off

– Reduce labour cost with diced, cut or pre-made food solutions.


High Quality

– Food is snap frozen / IQF shortly after it is picked, caught or formed (at it’s freshest state)

– Snap freezing and IQF retains the quality, nutrition, taste & colour of food.


Long Shelf Life

– Shelf life of frozen food is from 18-24 months.

– Freezing inhibits the growth of micro-organisms & bacteria.

– Preservation of highly perishable foods (eg. seafood & berries)

– Stock security in uncertain times


Consistent All Year

– Availability to eat out of season foods all year round

– Less menu changes required

– Consistent quality all year round



– Global reach – access to a huge range of products from all around the world

– A growing & innovative food industry

4 Simple Winter Warmer Menu Additions:

Seafood Paella

This Spanish rice dish is ideal as a Winter Warmer. If you’re not a seafood fan then personalise the recipe and use chicken and chorizo instead.

We highly recommend using our prawn meat, whole cooked mussels and Pipi clams


Cheesy Burger

Our Chef’s Choice 120g Burger is perfect for this! This premium grass-fed beef combined with delicate herbs and spices creates a chef’s quality burger.

Some unique toppings you could use


Seafood Pasta

Nothing beats pasta in Winter!

Why not try a creamy garlic pasta, seafood spaghetti marinara or our favourite – this tuna, zucchini and pea spaghetti

You can use our excellent quality sashimi tuna
And our premium quality garden peas.

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

You can please everyone with our variety!

Try our mouth watering Italian flavoured meatballs made from 100% Australian beef. And for your vegetarian customers, we have no meat balls – Vegan friendly and made in Australia.



Trying to please everyone is almost impossible. The same goes with trying to create a kids menu that will satisfy even the picky eaters.

With a little bit of thought and planning, you can make a menu that will work for most families, and make them feel good about choosing to bring their kids to your restaurant.


Here are our recommendations for creating that ideal kid’s menu. 


Start off (or end) with a healthy Smoothie.

Love Smoothies™ is an award-winning range of fruit and vegetable smoothies. Give your customers all the goodness of 100% natural fruit and vegetables and your staff all the ease of ‘pour, add sachet, blend’.

For something different and without the bones, why not serve up some healthy vegetables or salad with our delicious BBQ Pork Ribette?

For the fish-lovers, our crumbed squid rings are an ideal easy- to-eat meal. Or make your own with our squid tubes

Other fish options to make your menu interesting would be our Salmon Patty. Salmon and vegetable fish cakes in a golden crispy crumb and Popcorn Shrimp – Crunchy morsels of flavour infused shrimp coated in a light crispy batter..

For something a little less common, why not serve our Butlers Triple Decker Cheese & Bacon melts, with a side salad or chips?

What do you serve with our premium, grass-fed beef burgers? So many people have such different preferences so how do you please everyone?

We have listed a few of our favourite toppings (some traditional and some unique) that are sure to satisfy most of your hungry customers.


🍔 Sweet Potato & Avo Burger
Simply add cooked sweet potato fries, sliced pepper jack cheese & either mashed or thinly sliced avo.


🍔 Breakfast Burger
Fry your bacon and egg as you like it and serve on top of our Chef’s Choice beef burger patty with BBQ sauce.


🍔 Hummus & Jalapeno Burger
Make your own hummus or choose the easy way out, spread evenly over the patty & sprinkle sliced jalapenos


🍔 Coleslaw Burger
What Aussie doesn’t love coleslaw? Need we say more?


🍔 Mexican Burger
For those who like a bit of spice, add taco seasoning, mayonnaise and tortilla chips – perfectly crunchy.


Our Chef’s Choice Burger Patty range comes in a variety of sizes from 40g for sliders to 180g for the man size burger


More Burger Information Here


For over 60 years Markwell Foods has sourced the highest quality products from around the globe to satisfy your highly innovative and world class food industries. We are driven by a passion for food, hospitality and the success of our customers.



Our Traditional French Fries set the industry standard for quality and performance. With a wide selection of cuts available, we deliver that classic potato taste customers crave.


From Curly Fries to Seasoned Wedges, our Speciality Cuts are bound to be a crowd pleaser. These fun and popular french fries take up more space on a plate, saving you money!



Entice your customers with these high-quality finger foods. Wide variety of items to please many palates.


View the FULL range HERE

Butlers® specialise in developing delicious and convenient meat-based meal items for mains, snacking and finger food occasions. The range includes iconic Australian favourites and innovative new products that deliver consistent quality and great taste every time.

Check out our full range of Butlers products now – https://bit.ly/3i9C0rb

Butler’s tender succulent boneless Pork Riblet covered in a mouth-watering BBQ sauce. Great on its own or in a bun with some salad.


Butlers BBQ Pork Riblet 100g


Or, for the chicken lovers, try the Chicken Riblet. Tender chicken meat formed into a rib shape and covered in a hot and spicy flavoured breadcrumb.


Butlers Chicken Riblet


Butlers mouth-watering meatballs are made from 100% Australian beef. Simply heat and serve. With the versatility of these fully cooked meatballs, they can be served as part of a meat platter, a tapas-style offering, tossed in a pasta, or a walk and fork catering solution.

Butlers Aussie BBQ Meatballs Butlers Italian Meatballs

BUTLERS Chef’s Choice premium grass-fed beef combined with delicate herbs and spices to create a chef’s quality burger.

Free from additives, the 100% beef burger is individually snap-frozen for your convenience and is the ideal patty to make the perfect burger!

Butlers Par Cooked Caterburger


With so much to try, contact us now!

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