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Health consciousness is on the rise as more consumers seek out healthier menu options and food that they can enjoy on-the-go. Eating on the go is increasingly popular among Australian consumers with a growth rate of 55% between 2012-2016.  

Smoothies are hailed as a menu favourite, and popular among consumers. However, the traditional methods of managing and preparing smoothies can be challenging in terms of labour costs, wastage and price fluctuations.  

Richard Canterbury, the founder of Love Smoothies, noticed these issues and through sheer perseverance innovated a new way to provide convenient, delicious healthy smoothies to customers in thirty-seconds while boosting profits for the retailer.   

Capitalising on the growth of the global health market Love Smoothies appeals to a broad audience. Developed by Stefan Crosser a 3 Michelin-Starred chef, the Love Smoothie range contains only 100% natural fruit and vegetables and has already proven to be a popular favourite, sold in over six-thousand outlets worldwide.   

Saves Labour Costs 

Fresh food preparation takes copious amounts of time and effort, Love Smoothies, on the other hand, has a simple philosophy, ‘Blend and serve in thirty seconds’ – with easy to serve perforated sachets, simply blend a 140g frozen fruit or vegetable sachet with 200ml of apple juice to make the perfect smoothie in 30 seconds.   

More Freezer Space 

Keeping fresh food in the fridge takes up space and requires careful monitoring. Refrigerated fresh produce generally has a maximum lifespan of about four days to two weeks. Freezers, on the other hand, allow you to buy in bulk, saving you money over the long run, and in addition, frozen foods have been proven to contain higher nutrients than ‘store-bought-fresh’ food. Love Smoothies sachets are malleable and take up little room in the freezer; they also have an 18-month shelf life.   

Reduces Waste 

Food waste is a common issue in commercial kitchens and reducing food waste can potentially save you thousands. In the United States, about 30 to 40 percent of food is unnecessarily wasted. A significant issue contributing to commercial food waste is unused fresh produce that is discarded when it began to rot. Love Smoothies alleviates the issue and stress of food wastage, with a shelf-life of 18-months and flexible ordering you can reduce waste in your kitchen, stress-less and save money.   

Consistent Margin All Year Round 

Sourcing fresh food at a consistent margin and quality year-round is near impossible. Natural disasters and economic pressures can cause prices to skyrocket without warning. Love Smoothies pride themselves on the highest quality frozen ingredients, providing you with consistent margins, consistent quality and consistent portion control across multiple locations.  

Love Smoothies are better for you, your customers and the environment.  

  • Vegan-friendly.
  • GMO-free.
  • All smoothies contain 100% fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Full traceability to the farms where the ingredients are grown. 
  • More natural goodness and nutrients than shop-bought ‘fresh.’
  • Excellent food safety record – no recall instances in 14 years.
  • BRC certified.
  • Deliciously healthy menu option.
  • The fruit is picked when ripe and frozen instantly.
  • Less wastage.
  • Saves on labour costs.

Exclusive to Markwell Foods, the Love Smoothie range is available now. Click here to request a demo.

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