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We now have a convenient 3.6L tub available for easy use. A no-blend solution to serving delicious, nutritious Açaí bowls.

Açaí is more than just a purple berry. In fact, it’s thought to be the most powerful superfood in the Amazon. Wild harvested by hand from the rainforest’s palm trees for centuries.

Organic, Fair Trade Sambazon Açai is superfruit straight from the heart of the Amazon. Loaded with antioxidants and healthy omegas, Açai is the most powerful berry on the planet. Delicious and purposeful, Sambazon¹s been the pioneer of sustainably hand-harvested organic Amazon superfruits since 2000. Committed to a Triple Bottom Line philosophy, Sambazon works with nearly 30,000 family farmers to bring you next-level, regenerative frozen Açai products.



It contains fibre, antioxidants (helping the body remove unwanted toxins), calcium, vitamins and iron.

Our kale kick smoothie ticks all the boxes for those healthy customers of yours. If kale isn’t your thing, why not try another one of our nutritious smoothies which can be found here.

Love Smoothie’s range is varied and is bound to satisfy just about anyone’s tastebuds. From passionfruit and strawberry to avo and broccoli, these are definite crowd pleasers.


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Butlers new burger patties are made in New Zealand with quality beef blended with real onion, garlic, and spices. They are not only flavourful but are extremely versatile as they come in 5 different sizes – there is a solution for all bun sizes and burger needs.

To help decide what burger pattie is the best for your customer’s need, use the easy guide below.