What Plant-based meals should you be adding to your menu?

Firstly, to make all customers feel welcome, ensure you have vegan options across all courses offered on your menu – breakfast, brunch, entree, main, dessert. Keep the cuisine of your meals consistent, if you have a beef or chicken burger on the menu add a no beef/no chicken burger.

When choosing what meals to add to your menu get creative!

  • Plant-based meats: No Beef Burgers, No Chicken Schnitzel, No Meat Balls, or for your starter menu try one of our No Cheddar Bites.
  • Portobello Mushrooms: A perfect addition to any burger.
  • Other Vegetables: Cauliflower buffalo wings are a popular addition to any menu.
  • Legumes: Perfect as a mince replacement for shepherd’s pie, meatballs or sausage.

Some of the benefits of adapting your menu to cater for the increasing number of plant-based customers are:

  • Your business will be more likely to win group bookings where some members of the group are. vegetarian/vegan. If a restaurant does not provide good Vegan options, they may lose the entire group.
  • Most vegetarian/vegan food has the bonus of being cheaper with larger profit margins.
  • Vegetarian/vegan represent a loyal customer base and are appreciative of vegan options being provided – word of mouth spreads quickly in the vegan community.


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What Plant-based meals should you be adding to your menu?