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The Benefits of Frozen Food



Time & Cost Saving

- Individually & quick frozen (IQF) products provide easy portion control as you only use / defrost what you need.

- Reduce $$ loss from food going off

- Reduce labour cost with diced, cut or pre-made food solutions.


High Quality

 - Food is snap frozen / IQF shortly after it is picked, caught or formed (at it's freshest state)

 - Snap freezing and IQF retains the quality, nutrition, taste & colour of food.


Long Shelf Life

- Shelf life of frozen food is from 18-24 months. 

- Freezing inhibits the growth of micro-organisms & bacteria.

- Preservation of highly perishable foods (eg. seafood & berries)

- Stock security in uncertain times


Consistent All Year

- Availability to eat out of season foods all year round

- Less menu changes required

- Consistent quality all year round



- Global reach - access to a huge range of products from all around the world

- A growing & innovative food industry