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NEW! Introducing.. The Green Butcher


Introducing The Green Butcher - Better For You, Better For Our Planet.

We now have a range of Vegan products! We've created 5 products that can be enjoyed as an entree or as the hero in your main meal.

Seeing a need to provide plant-based alternatives to cater to vegan and flexitarian customers, The Green Butcher was created.

The Green Butcher is a 100% plant-powered alternative loved by vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. Crafted here in Australia, our range of meat-free products is made from delicious and nutritious plant-based ingredients, bursting with flavours you would normally expect from traditional products.

The Green Butcher focuses on creating the products Australians love in a vegan-friendly form. Catering for your vegan customers or those wanting to enjoy a meatless meal made from nutritious plant ingredients.



One of the biggest focuses of the Vegan movement has been the ability to keep the classic meals people love using plant-based alternatives. Our No Beef Burger will not disappoint, with a meaty texture our burger patties grill perfectly making a delicious burger.



Our No Chicken Schnitzel is versatile and can be used across a number of dishes. Create the Aussie classic Chicken Schnitzel or Parmigiana by using all vegan ingredients.


Made from a Cheddar style Vegan Cheese. Serve as an entree or side, our No Cheddar & Jalapeno bites are simply delicious. Crunchy on the outside with a cheesy and spicy filling on the inside.


A seasoned mixture of Vegan Feta Style Cubes, Spinach and other plant-based ingredients. Are you hooked yet? Our No Feta & Spinach bites are great for kids, vegans/vegetarians and every customer wanting to try something new.


Our delicious No Meat Balls are the perfect vegan alternative for your traditional meatball menu items. Simply swap your traditional meatballs with our vegan meat-free balls.