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Lamb Weston - Steak Cut Fries

Lamb Weston’s Colossal Crisp™ Steak Cut Fries is a chunky 18mm x 9mm cut coated in a unique batter, which gives you that extra flavourful crunch and greater holding time. Its wide, flat cut also provides excellent plate coverage versus traditional straight cut fries, which can lead to a lower cost per plate serving.

Made from premium potatoes, for a light, fluffy texture, exceptional potato flavour and great heat retention from the unique crunchy batter. Golden brown appearance with a heavy coating to ensure crispiness and extended hold time periods.

We’ve done some research and this is what Australian consumers are saying:

  • 62% of Australians would sometimes choose a restaurant based on the fries it serves. Out of which 14% will always choose a restaurant based on the fries it serves.*
  • 29% of Australians prefer Steak Cut, thicker fries.

This could be a big proportion of your customer base, make sure the fries on your menu are giving your customers the right impression about your business. Lamb Weston’s large portfolio of premium fries will never disappoint, helping you generate more profit, less weight per portion is required for the same plate coverage when compared to a budget fry.


* Lamb Weston Proprietary Fry AAU Study, Australia: Sep, 2017

** Lamb Weston Fry Sensory Study, Australia: May 2018