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Fresh Flavour and Profit for Every Dish

Welcome to the delicious world of Lamb Weston.

Lamb Weston's focus is on perfect potatoes and creations, so your focus can stay on your business. With a large variety of fry variations available, there is an option for every meal.

Our Prawn Twisters are made with premium whole peeled prawns infused with herbs and spices.

🍤 Whole prawns                           

🍤 Hand-rolled                               

🍤 Retail ready                                 

🍤 Halal Certified                           

🍤 Portion Controlled 23g

Our premium fries help you generate more profit. Less weight per portion is required for the same plate coverage when compared to a budget fry.

To try out Lamb Weston for your own business, contact us now!

Our mouth-watering meatballs are made from 100% Australian beef.

Simply heat and serve.                   

With the versatility of these fully cooked meatballs, they can be served as part of a meat platter, a tapas-style offering, toss in pasta, as a kids meal or, a walk and fork catering solution.