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It looks as though the Hospitality industry is on the road to recovery with most establishments in the majority of states now able to open with the ease of restrictions. But as we have seen across Melbourne, we are still under threat of potential restrictions with community transmissions a big concern.

Our industry has experienced the initial stage 4 restrictions, with many venues having to shut down completely, whilst some bars, restaurants and cafes were able to move towards a takeaway and delivery service. With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared for how to communicate best with your customer’s ongoing, no matter the situation. 

15 years ago, when someone said “Açaí” you might have said, “No idea what you’re talking about!” Sambazon started importing Açaí into the West in 2000 after its founders discovered the incredible Amazonian fruit on a surf trip to Brazil. 

But how much do you actually know about Açaí beyond the fact that it tastes delicious? Watch this short video for some insights.

     Açaí Scoopable Tub                       Açaí Original

Premium fries deliver premium profits! Lamb Weston's premium fries help you generate more profit. Less weight per portion is required for the same plate coverage when compared to a budget fry. 

Lamb Weston is one of the world’s leading producers of value-added potato products since the 1950s.

Love Smoothies contain only the best ingredients, delicious 100% natural fruit and vegetable frozen smoothie packs.

Each smoothie comes in a pre-batched sachet and is made with REAL fruits and vegetables, frozen within three hours of harvest. Simply pour 200ml of apple juice into a blender, add the sachet, and blend for 30 seconds for an award-winning smoothie.