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Celebrate Food Days of the Year

Looking for inspiration for your menu?

Plan your menu according to the food days of the year.


Even though you don't need an excuse to treat your customers to gourmet food, we've put together some dishes that we think would pair well with the type of food day we're celebrating.....


23rd January - Pie Day

What goes best with a pie? We can definitely recommend choosing from our large variety of fries. Choose from sweet potato, wedges, premium or specialty cut. 

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9th February - World Pizza Day

Create a seafood pizza that will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Our delicious cooked and peeled prawns are the perfect addition to your menu or try our premium mussels.

9th March - Meatball Day

No matter which type of meatball you go with, our range will complete just about any menu. Aussie BBQ, Flame Grilled, Italian or Swedish.
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4th April - International Carrot Day

Our carrots come in a variety of ways - choose from puree'd, baby carrots, diced or sliced.

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28th May - International Hamburger Day

We have beef burger patties suitable for any venue type. From premium to budget, and even vegan. 


18th June - International Sushi Day

Our cooked Vannamei sushi ebi, salmon portions and tuna saku are a must if you offer a sushi menu. Premium quality and conveniently packaged, helping to save you time and money.


13th July - French Fries Day

A great Winter menu addition - serve plain as a side or load them up and serve as a complete meal. 
Our fries come in a variety of shapes and sizes

From the healthier sweet potato option, to the traditional french fries and wedges - browse our catalogue today.

9th October - International Beer & Pizza Day

Need we say more?


1st November - Vegan Day

We have just what you need to upgrade your Vegan menu. Choose from a full meal with our No Beef Burger, No Chicken Schnitzel or No Meat Balls, or add to your Appetiser menu with our No Cheese & Jalapeno Bites or No Cheese & Spinach Bites.

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4th December - International Cookie Day

Like anyone needs an excuse?